Digital Work Instructions, creating intelligent and interactive documentation.

Digital Work Instructions are the next generation of traditional printed instructions that can help close the skills gap and reduce errors. Digital media consist of photos, videos, audio recordings, charts, diagrams, and text. In addition to this, digital work instructions provide a green streamline process. The simple step-by-step layout has clear visuals to communicate essential information quickly to your workforce. Benefits include:


Automatic version control


Access up-to-date procedures and specifications in real-time


Capture and share tribal knowledge


Continuously improve processes


Embedded AI to identify opportunities to improve


Increased operational efficiency and safety


Integrated Remote Assist functionality

Welcome to the digital asset library.

Organize all digital work instructions, including CAD models, pictures, and videos displayed in an easy and user-friendly digital filing system. We will engage with your management team to ensure we have all the necessary training materials, and we will convert the manual, paper-based tools into a digital system providing real-time and easy access for all employees.

How do you capture my manual, paper-based documentation, and deliver a digital solution?

Our team will use industry proven techniques to capture rich content by working with subject matter experts. The process allows us to capture tribal knowledge and eliminate the skills gap. Our rapid authoring tools will enable us to build and publish digital work instructions 10x faster.

How do I deploy the asset library to my employees?

We collaborate with management on how to deploy next generation training experiences incrementally. We deliver a timeline of all estimated task completion.

View our video and see how we can safely and efficiently deliver clear instructions to your workforce.

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