We deliver innovation and training consultancy throughout your organization.

Your team can speak with an experienced engineer, access a training video, or search for resources specifically designed for your facility.

360 Virtual Tours

360 degree virtual tours offer up to 200 unique viewpoints throughout the tour, on top of allowing multiple viewpoints of the scanned location.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive technology that uses computer-generated graphics, audio, video, and holograms overlaid in the real world. The superimposed information is perfect for creating immersive training guides.


Digital Work Instructions

Digital Work Instructions are the next generation of traditional printed instructions that can help close the skills gap and reduce errors. Digital media consist of photos, videos, audio recordings, charts, diagrams, and text. In addition to this, digital work instructions provide a green, paperless process. The simple step-by-step layout has clear visuals to communicate essential information quickly to your workforce.

Industrial ioT

The Industrial Internet of Things (ioT) refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other networked devices to provide remote viewing of data and analysis in the Cloud.


We use your data to identify areas for improvement, develop a training program/curriculum, and establish a training certification curriculum. With the use of AR, safety training can provide your workforce with the knowledge and skills to perform their job in a controlled environment.

Remote Assistance

Innovative collaboration solution using assisted/augmented reality. Remote connection affords real-time service and support.

It takes more than extravagant technology and remote learning to increase productivity.

It requires knowledge and in-depth understanding of two levels:

  1. Executive-level ‘big picture’ goals.
  2. Front line workers real-time challenges and training struggles.

Understanding the company’s goals and taking into account the personality, work ethic, and experiences of the employees create practical and useful tools.

Putting innovation to work:

  • Develop an Augmented Reality strategy
  • Write a Comprehensive Deployment Plan for Innovation Services
  • Implement Remote Assist
  • Employ Connected Work Platform
  • Deploy Digital Work Instructions

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We provide tactical and strategic planning to enhance employee, departmental, and company productivity.


Capitalizing on positive employee attributes and introducing innovative training solutions will result in increased productivity and employee satisfaction.


More than 50 years of combined experiences creating tailored business solutions to improve KPIs, SOPs, operations, and productivity analytics.

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